Creating Memories Autumn Btn 5pc 10mm and 12mm

Product Details

Tilda's Creating Memories Collection Fabric covered AUTUMN Buttons include 5 pcs 0.4 in (10 mm) and 5 pcs 0.47 in (12mm) These Seasonal Buttons are a mix of small-patterned printed and woven fabrics. Tilda Fabric's Creating Memories Collection are 100% cotton prints and wovens designed by Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger. The Autumn, Thanksgiving, Halloween color theme contains an array of ginger, saffron, brown and rust-colored fabrics with a hint of blue-grey, khaki and toffee. In addition to autumnal projects, this collection can of course also be useful all year around for any project where a warm color palette is needed. No pre-sales or images can released to the public until the official release date of April 15, 2024 ***Worldwide Fabric release in Stores is June 1, 2024*** Shipping mid-May 2024*** **This item has a Minimum Advertising Price of $6.70 per yard retail enforced*




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