Creating Memories Winter Btn 5pc 10mm and 12mm

Product Details

Tilda's Creating Memories Collection Fabric covered WINTER Buttons include 5 pcs 0.4 in (10 mm) and 5 pcs 0.47 in (12mm) These Seasonal Buttons are a mix of small-patterned printed and woven fabrics. Tilda Fabric's Creating Memories Collection are 100% cotton prints and wovens designed by Norwegian designer Tone Finnanger. The Winter Reds and Greens colorway contains an array of red fabrics combined with hints of green. In addition to Winter projects, this collection can of course also be useful all year round for any project where red and green fabrics are needed. No pre-sales or images can released to the public until the official release date of April 15, 2024 ***Worldwide Fabric release in Stores is June 1, 2024*** Shipping mid-May 2024*** **This item has a Minimum Advertising Price of $6.70 per yard retail enforced*




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